Vocalo.org is media YOU make and there are a lot of ways to make media. You can use your telephone to call in and leave us messages with your favorite stories. You can attend our “Make Your Own Audio” trainings or use our online tips to learn audio production. You can upload videos, music, interviews, and commentary, all of which could end up on the airwaves during our live broadcast at 89.5 FM.

You can be Famous! You can be Heard! Vocalo.org is YOUR radio station, YOUR website, YOUR community. Vocalo.org is about US. We believe that public conversation can make US better citizens. We believe that all of US know better than just some of us. We think that the crowd is indeed wise, so we are turning it all over to you. That’s a big responsibility. Huge. But we know that you’ve got this covered.

Email us at info@Vocalo.org if you have questions about the station or about how to live your life (except questions about plants and pets…we’re bad with plants and pets).


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